"SkySong SoundWorks" DC-3 Sound Set for Microsoft Flight Simulator


Together We Fly: "Voices from the DC-3″ -- is the story of an aircraft like none other — a true legend, the icon of an industry, and one of the most recognized aircraft in history, according to company officials. Today, crowds still gather to watch a DC-3 land, technicians revel in the sound of her rumbling radial engines, cargo haulers appreciate her ability to stretch to meet impossible demands, and pilots still dream of flying the greatest airplane ever built.

Author Julie Boatman Filucci recounts fascinating stories, introducing the reader to the people that helped make the DC-3 seem larger than life and greater than the sum of its parts. From the DC-3’s early development, through its many historic roles, and into the present, Voices is a human journey of visionaries, engineers, pilots, mechanics, hostesses, and passengers alike.

Trev Morson with Author Julie Boatman Filucci 






Trev Morson flying N763A 




"Reflections" - Trev Morson




















Douglas DC-3 Dakota Manual: An Insight into Owning, Flying and Maintaining the Revolutionary American Transport Aircraft (Owners Workshop Manual) - Author - Paul Blackah & Louise Blackah - There is also a few pages that this web site contributed in the writing of this book.












Trev Morson says: "An amazing story told by the DC-3 itself, this is a 'must read' for all DC-3 fans! - Click HERE to see the documentary trailer video!






















































            Eddie Van Halen  & Trev Morson








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A beautiful DC-3 that once belonged to the "Prairie Aviation Museum" in Bloomington, Illinois.

It's a "good news" -  "bad news" story.


The World's First Certified DC-3 Simulator!

The MPS DC-3 simulator has recently been certified as an FNPT-II (equivalent to FAA level 5) by the Dutch CAA. In addition, MPS was granted operator status. It is now possible for DC-3 pilots to strengthen their knowledge and skills by flying the DC-3 simulator. Amongst others it is a great opportunity to cover starts, landings, engine failures directly after rotation, propeller feathering, IFR procedures and cockpit re-familiarization.

You can watch this excellent MPS DC-3 Simulator movie HERE


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How to Taxi a DC-3 Dan Gryder is the last guy in the US offering left seat time and ratings in the DC-3. 2018 marks the start of Dan Gryder's 18th year in business. Don't miss this rare opportunity!

The DC-3 course - is the DC-3 INITIAL for Second in Command Right now, you can do both courses (combined). This may be the only time in aviation history that private pilots are invited to fly a real airliner from the left seat - and get a real rating that goes right on your pilots license!

How to Taxi a DC-3 Training positions are limited for 2020 - get your name on the list now!  You can have this historical type rating on YOUR certificate, you will always treasure the memory and the story of how you got it!

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"QUOTE" - We came from all over the country.  We would only be together for a few hours.  One of the highlights of my DC-3 weekend in Rock Falls was getting to play guitar under the wing of a DC-3 with my friend Trev Morson, owner of the worlds biggest DC-3 web site.  Trev "THANK YOU" for your fantastic support of the DC-3 through the years. - Dan Gryder

75th Anniversary fact - Did you know that a total of '57' DC-3's were at EAA Oshkosh 2010?


The 75th Anniversary of the Douglas DC-3   CLICK HERE TO SEE OVER "100" PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE EVENT !!!

.Aerial Photographs below taken by Trev Morson 

Aerial photograph #1  - (Thanks to Jim for a ride in his 'Mooney' - "N45RH"). -  I shot this picture from 300 feet above, Sunday, July 25th, 2010 celebrating the Douglas DC-3 "75th Anniversary" reunion. The event occurred at Whiteside County Airport, (KSQI), Illinois. This is a 'world record!! - 26 x DC-3's (and 1 x DC-2). 


DOWNLOAD THE FULL SIZE AERIAL PHOTOGRAPH HERE - If you wish to use this photograph, share it, publish it, you are welcome to do so, as long as 'Trev Morson', "The DC-3 Hangar" at is credited please.




Axel Ebermann - Is a documentary filmmaker and he spent the last four years travelling the worldwith the Dutch Dakota aficionado Hans Wiesman (pictured above). Hans, scours the world for derelict DC-3 parts that he donates to museums or turns into DC-3 designer furniture. Axel says, "And what a journey it was:  Hans talked Malagasy air force commanders into selling him their ‘Dakota’ scrap yards,argued with Thai officials why they should remove wingtips for him before they sink the planes to build artificial reefsand lit up with joy when he found the rare forgotten storage room full of Dakota parts in the jungle of Colombia". 
The result of these adventures is the feature documentary ‘The Dakota Hunter’.
For a trailer, pictures, stories and lots of other free goodies please visit: 

Trev Morson says: "I have watched the documentary myself and not only is this an amazing story of a man with a huge DC-3 appetite, it is simply a stunning documentary and every DC-3 enthusiast should watch it.

AvionArt - DC-3 Furniture & DC-3 Artifacts for Sale As well as up to date news from Hans Wiesman

Trev Morson says: "My friend Hans has done it again, every DC-3 enthusiast should read this book!  -- He really is  the "Indiana Jones" of the DC-3!



The Last Time - Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the DC-3, the aircraft that literally changed the world. Get a behind the scenes look at the world's largest gathering of DC-3's and C-47's as well as the world's only flying C-41, and C-41A. one of only two flying DC-2's, along with the highest-time aircraft still flying and the lowest time DC-3. This once in a lifetime gathering of such a great aircraft is illustrated within these pages along with a brief history of each aircraft in attendance. In addition, learn the history of D-Day veterans, "Tico Belle" and C-47 42-32832 as well as "Spooky", the AC-47 Gunship. - Author: Tyson V Rininger

Enjoy These Eight 75th Anniversary - DC-3 videos - July 26th, 2010  - click each box for video below..




Above - Laser Aero Colombia -HK-4700X involved in a ground accident when it ran into a hole during taxi resulting in structural damage to the right wing. There were no reports about any injuries. 


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