DOUGLAS R4D and DC-3 FOR FS2002 and FS2004

JUNE 6, 2004, the 60th ANNIVERSARY OF D-DAY

MAAM-SIM, the all-volunteer flightsim development team of the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum in Reading, Pennsylvania, consisting of Bill Rambow, Jan Visser, Fred Banting, Rob Young, Bill Womack, and Howard Sodja, are putting the finishing touches on the most authentic DC-3 simulation, for FS2002 and FS2004, ever.   The initial demonstration and release of the Douglas R4D / DC-3 CD will be at MAAM's famous World War II Weekend Show.  Show-goers can fly the award-winning B-25J 'Briefing Time' and any of three new, G-max Douglas DC-3's included on the new release.   The First Edition CD's will be on sale at the show, and, as always, 100% of the proceeds from all sales of MAAM-SIM products go directly to the restoration programs of the museum.

The R4D-6 in gleaming bare-metal flies over the MAAM ramp of the MAAM-SIM freeware scenery, "Reading Regional Airport / MAAM" for FS2004 ( krdg-fs9.zip)

Here is #50819 in her present-day silver paint, buzzing the famous Pagoda, the symbol of Reading, also from

Some of the thousands of users of the previous, award-winning versions of  the team's R4D-6 have probably been expecting just an upgrade of the old bird.  They're in for a surprise.  Everything is new, from the ground up, inside and out, in this Gmax package.  The "extreme photo-realism" and the "fly it by the real book" attention to detail and authenticity of MAAM-SIM's B-25J 'Briefing Time'  package is obvious in every aspect of this new product, as well.

Start in the photo-real 2-D Pilot's Panel, then click an icon to move to...

...the Copilot's seat.   Every gauge and control duplicates those of the real ship.

Want to take a closer look at a gauge, or fly "under the hood"?  Bring up the enlarged, IFR, pilot's panel...

...or the enlarged copilot's panel. 

The Overhead Electrical Panel and Full Quadrant pop-ups give access to dozens of working switches and controls.

The photo-real Gear and Flap, and Hydraulic and Cowl Flap pop-ups.

But that's just the 2-D aspect of the plane.  Let's add a dimension...

The Virtual Cockpit is an exact replica of the real R4D-6 #50819's flight deck.

An optional model allows removal of the yokes for a clear view of all the instruments in the VC.

Step through the radio operator's compartment and stroll down that eleven and a half degree slope toward the galley...

The R4D is a 28-passenger admiral's transport, familiar to user's of the old R4D package, but now rendered in 3-D, from nose to tail.

Besides MAAM's own #50819, a U.S Naval Air Transport Service R4D-6, powered by 1350 hp P&W 1830-94 engines, purchasers of the CD will also receive two new civil DC-3's.  Both are equipped with 1830-92's of 1200 HP and have their own flight models and instruments appropriate to the power plants.  Each also has it's own, distinctive model and virtual cabin.   

United Air Lines Mainliner "City of San Francisco"

Take your ease in one of UAL's luxurious, leather seats in a 21 passenger configuration.

British European Airways RMA Freighter "Sir Eric Geddes"

BEA's freighter cabin can be loaded, and unloaded with the stroke of a key.

Among the many animations, one or both cargo doors may be opened on the freighter...

...as can the starboard passenger and port baggage doors on the UAL bird.

 These three different models - a military, astrodome equipped military version; a freighter, and a civil passenger model, will engender many free repaints.  A number of these are already in the works by the team, and outside repainters will be encouraged to upload their own free liveries, so you can have your own favorite.


The extensive html User's Manual includes dozens of clear diagrams and instructions, like this one of the 2D pilot's panel...

...and this one of the Overhead Electrical Panel.

Perhaps best of all, the User's Manual also features a number of instructional videos in which MAAM President and Chief Pilot, Russ Strine, demonstrates and discusses every phase of  operation of the R4D from the real #50819's cockpit.   These are all Windows Media Video files (wmv), played right in your browser by simply passing your cursor over the desired video box in the manual.

On the kneeboard, you will find a complete set of interactive checklists and detailed reference pages for the aircraft.


The CD also includes a scanned, genuine, 96 page World War II Pilot Training Manual for the C-47.

...Original, special effects include start-up smoke and exhaust stack flashes...

... cabin and cockpit lights can be separately switched on and off...

...dust and tire tracks on grass and unimproved strips, tire skid marks on pavement, belly landing sparks, and more.



You can only order the MAAM-SIM R4D and DC-3 for FS2002 and FS2004 directly from the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum.   Just follow the link you will find on the front page at www.maam.org.   The price is $30 USD and it will be shipped by first class mail anywhere in the world for $4.95

The MAAM webmaster promises to have the order page up for Memorial Day weekend, but keep an eye peeled - he may beat his prediction.  As soon as the link and order form are up and working, you may place your order on MAAM's secure server.  Orders will be filled, first come first served with deliveries starting immediately after the World War II Weekend Show.    But, be careful!   Be sure you are ordering the Gmax R4D / DC-3 for FS2002 and FS2004, not the old 7th Edition R4D CD for FS98, 2000, CFS, and CFS2.  If the order form shows the price as $25, you have the wrong one!


Please, come see us at the World War II Weekend Show, June 4, 5, and 6

May 18, 2004